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          Niara logo

          Niara was a startup focused on network security and behavioral analytics.

          Designer, “Developer”
          HTML, CSS, JS
          VeloCloud logo

          VeloCloud is a startup focused on providing easy-to-deploy business-grade network security and performance to branch offices.

          Designer, Developer
          JS, HTML, CSS
          Compass Labs logo

          Compass Labs was a startup focused on social media advertising.

          Designer, Developer, “Manager”
          JS, HTML, CSS
          VeriFyle logo

          VeriFyle is a startup focused on secure document sharing. Unlike cloud sharing (e.g. Dropbox), documents are stored in workspaces that include collaboration features like chat and calendars.

          Designer, Developer
          JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
          Trackle logo

          Trackle was a startup that provided a centralized tracking and alerting service.

          Designer, Developer
          JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
          Neoteris/Juniper logos

          Neoteris was a startup that developed SSL-VPN appliances, which allow companies to provide secure access to protected resources without requiring software be installed on end-user devices. Through acquisitions, we landed at Juniper Networks in 2004.

          Designer, Developer, Manager
          JS, HTML, CSS, C#
          Vinato logo

          Vinato was a B2B startup in the wine industry. In less than a year, we had 2 distributor catalogs in the system, and more than 700 registered buyers (primarily restaurants). But then came the dot com bust.

          Designer, Developer, “Manager”
          JS, HTML, CSS, XSLT, ASP, SQL Server
          Healtheon/WebMD logo

          Healtheon was a startup focused on bringing the Internet to the healthcare industry (we later merged with WebMD).

          More significant for me: I got to meet my mentor, Tog, whose book had changed my career path years earlier.

          Designer, Prototyper
          Visual Basic, JS, HTML, CSS
          NetManage logo

          NetManage was a software company primarily focused on network utilities and applications.

          Designer, Manager
          Visual Basic, JS, HTML, CSS
          CompuServe logo

          Something WWWicked this way comes!

          With the rise of the Web, it was clear that the days of CD-ROM were numbered. CompuServe Internet Engineering was a good place to learn the next thing.

          I worked on conceptual designs for a couple Web-based product ideas, but spent most of my time writing Windows and Mac GUI code.

          Designer, Developer
          C/C++, JS, HTML, CSS, ASP
          Metatec logo
          “We want the guy that worked on the Mac version involved on the Windows version.”

          Metatec was a CD-ROM manufacturer, with a software development group as well. I wrote Macintosh apps in C/C++ for numerous customers.

          This was my first experience in management, with a team of 5 designers and developers.

          Designer, Developer, Manager
          C/C++, SuperCard
          IBM logo
          “You might like this book.”

          This summer intership extended to nearly a year. I worked on several projects:

          While I was at IBM, there were a couple Apple engineers on site, and one of them gave me a copy of Bruce Tognazzini’s book Tog on Interface.

          That book changed my life. It inspired me to stop at my Masters degree and switch from aviation to the computer industry.

          University of Illinois

          My next step was a Ph.D. track in Human Factors, with a focus on aviation.

          One project was studying the effects of scene content and horizon on simulated landing approaches.

          Another project — eventually my Master’s thesis — explored the potential for using virtual 3D sound for spatial awareness displays. Besides an in-depth literature review of auditory perception and sound localization, this also involved a deep-dive into programming with C, to integrate with a specialized audio card, and to generate 2D and 3D graphics.

          THE Ohio State University
          “What’s your major?”

          I had no idea. I liked computers, and I liked art.

          Following my father’s advice, I began with Computer Engineering. But after a couple years, I decided another 2 years of mathematics was not for me.

          I explored Architecture. And Industrial Design. I settled on Psychology. Perception, Learning, and Memory are fascinating topics.

          Looking back, I kind of created my own major. And it’s served me well.

          NetCitadel logo

          NetCitadel addresses network security problems by improving response time using existing infrastructure.

          Mashlogic logo

          “It’s like a frickin Swiss Army Knife for hyperlinks” - TechCrunch

          Designer, Prototyper
          HTML, CSS
          Department of Health and Human Services logo

          The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services is to enhance and protect the health and well-being of all Americans.

          Designer, Prototyper
          HTML, CSS
          AA Grapevine logo

          AA Grapevine Magazine is the International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous.

          Designer, Developer
          HTML, CSS
          AA Grapevine logo

          AA Grapevine Magazine is the International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, first printed in 1944, and containing articles, letters, editorials, and cartoons by and for the inspiration of members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

          Designer, Developer
          HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL
          Hewlett-Packard logo

          HP is one of the world's largest IT companies, providing both software and hardware (most iconically, printers).

          Designer, Prototyper
          HTML, CSS
          Epiance logo

          Epiance helps companies manage their IT-driven business processes.

          Not much to show here, but it was an interesting study of providing a UI to design a UI.

          Designer, Prototyper
          Intuit logo

          Intuit provides financial management software like Quickbooks and Quicken.

          Designer, Prototyper
          HTML, CSS
          International Monetary Fund logo

          The IMF promotes international monetary cooperation and exchange stability, fosters economic growth, and provides temporary financial assistance to countries in need.

          Designer, Prototyper
          HTML, CSS
          Nielsen Norman Group logo

          It was a privilege to work with Nielsen Norman Group.

          Designer, Developer, Webmaster
          JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
          MDL logo

          While at Metatec, I ported a DOS application called OHS MSDS on DISC to the Mac.

          Turned out there was a Y2K bug that affected the DOS, Windows, and Mac versions of the app. By this time, Metatec was gone, so the client contacted me to ask if I could debug and fix for them.

          I certainly could! I even updated the Windows version, which I’d never worked on.

          IUMA logo

          This was a side project for the Internet Underground Music Archive.

          Similar to CompuServe’s Homepage Wizard, this application allowed bands to easily create a webpage and publish their music.