Hello! I am a UI/UX Designer.

I’ve been designing (and developing) Mac, Windows, and Web apps for 20+ years.

About Me

UI design is my calling, though I kind of discovered it by accident.

After exploring engineering and industrial design, I settled on cognitive psychology. My focus became perception and human factors, as it applied to aviation.

But an internship at IBM — and an influential book — changed all that. I decided to shift gears, and jumped into the computer field.

M.S. Human Factors

University of Illinois

B.S. Psychology, Computer Science

The Ohio State University

Contact Me

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I have an open mind when it comes to design. Different projects have different needs, so I prefer to be pragmatic rather than dogmatic. My view of design is simple:


I have technical chops. I’ve found my technical grounding and development skills useful, even when my role doesn’t call for it.